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India’s First Air Condition Railway Station

Railway Minister Piyush Goel recently posted the video of the first central air conditioner of India. The railway station is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, and named after Bharat Ratna Awardee Civil Engineer Sir M Visvesvaraya. India First Air Condition Railway Station The Railway ministry recently confirmed that the railway station is fully functional and working. This is the first Air Conditioner station in India. There are other facilities too available on this station like:- Parking Spaces Amazing Landscape World Class Infrastructure This is one of the steps to modernizing the Indian Railway and boosting the infrastructure of the railway. The railway is the lifeline of India and one of the common ways of transportation used by hundreds of commuters on a daily basis. Earlier there were rumors that Indian Railway might get privatized but the railway minister already disapproved the claim. There are railway stations under the plan of redevelopment of the infrastructure in order to m