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Which is the best air conditioner brand in India with less energy consumption and high cooling?

Do we all want luxury with some less cost? Is it possible to get the same facilities and services by spending less from our pockets? Generally, we need to sacrifice more money to get a good service and the same is the case when we spend less we are not going to fully enjoy the benefits of the luxury. The best way to choose the middle path where you can spend less money and enjoy decent services. The same is the case with the air conditioner. We always expect to buy a good AC with all the advance feature which fits under our budget. Right? But how to choose or find such air conditioner which fulfils our requirement. In this article, we are going to share the top and best 3 air conditioners having decent cooling and consume low electricity. We are considering a 1.5 TR/ 5 Star split inverter air conditioner to draw this comparison. 1. Carrier Carrier is one of the top-rated and reputed brands in the industry. They are inventors of modern air conditioning and they understand the basic re

When To Service Your Air Conditioner?

The regular maintenance and service of an air conditioner are very important for the health of AC, it will also improve the efficiency of the air conditioner. Timely service and regular maintenance also save your time and money, which generally you have given during the air conditioner breakdown. Not just for the air conditioner, regular maintenance, and timely service is very important for every machine and electrical conditioner you possess. Keeping a track of these small things can save you a good amount of money. Every air conditioner manufacturing companies have a different manual for servicing the AC. There is a different time frame for every air conditioner. Suppose one split air conditioner installed at the shop for commercial will demand more maintenance than one installed at home. The same thing goes with the AC used more than the average time, unlike other air conditioners. Best Time To Service Your Air Conditioner Experts from the industry recommend only one service during

Which is Better for Air Conditioner : Copper Coils or Aluminum Coil

 The air conditioner is the basic need nowadays to get rid of scorching summer. But do we care about the efficiency of our air conditioner when we buy it? There are multiple factors that we check before we buy an air conditioner. One of the main factors is the material of the coil of the air conditioner. You might have noticed that salesman focus on the coils of the copper and many air conditioner brands advertise that their air conditioner is 100% copper. Earlier coils of the air conditioner are made of aluminum but later we shifted to copper coils. Do you know why the air conditioner manufacturer shifted to copper coils? Let's discuss this thing more in detail in this article. Function Of Coils In Air Conditioner The refrigerant in the air conditioner has to change the state gaseous to liquid and then again to gas in the refrigeration cycle. This all process takes place In the coils and acts as a medium to transfer the heat from the inside to the outside. Therefore it is very imp

What is the Cooling Capacity of the Air Conditioner ?

We have various tools and meters to check the efficiency of various machines and electrical appliances. For example, if we need to buy a bike we check the power of the engine as per our needs. The same is the case with the other things. Cooling Capacity Now the question is, what is the cooling capacity and how can we find out to buy the best air conditioner as per the cooling load of the room. The Cooling Capacity of the air conditioner is known as the cooling it can provide or the amount of heat the air conditioner can dissipate. It is calculated as the number of BTU per hour of heat the air conditioner can remove. (BTU - British Thermal Unit) Basically, 1 Ton AC is 12000 BTU/hr 1.5 Ton AC is 18000 BTU/hr 2.0 Ton AC is 24000 BTU/hr It’s really very important to check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner before buying one. As you need enough cooling for your area. If you buy the less cooling capacity air conditioner then it's not going to cool down the room and if you buy th