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Which is the best air conditioner brand in India with less energy consumption and high cooling?

Do we all want luxury with some less cost? Is it possible to get the same facilities and services by spending less from our pockets? Generally, we need to sacrifice more money to get a good service and the same is the case when we spend less we are not going to fully enjoy the benefits of the luxury. The best way to choose the middle path where you can spend less money and enjoy decent services. The same is the case with the air conditioner. We always expect to buy a good AC with all the advance feature which fits under our budget. Right? But how to choose or find such air conditioner which fulfils our requirement. In this article, we are going to share the top and best 3 air conditioners having decent cooling and consume low electricity. We are considering a 1.5 TR/ 5 Star split inverter air conditioner to draw this comparison. 1. Carrier Carrier is one of the top-rated and reputed brands in the industry. They are inventors of modern air conditioning and they understand the basic re