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Why Is Air Conditioner So Expensive?

Air conditioning is not a luxury anymore it is the basic necessity of every individual. Forget about the offices and buildings, nowadays each and every home is equipped with an air conditioner. With increasing demand, manufacturing and supply of the air conditioner also gaining new numbers day by day. The initial average cost of the air conditioner is too high which give us thought to buy it next year. But the cost of the air conditioner does not end here, regular maintenance and spare costs are way too high beyond your expectation. The cost does not end here. Now you might be thinking what is left now? I think you forget to add electricity consumption charges. Air conditioner consumes more power than other electrical equipment and this is one of the main reason of high electricity bills. Now coming to the question of why the air conditioner is an expensive thing and let's discuss points one by one. Manufacturing Cost The air conditioner consists of a compressor, coils and an elec

Does Inverter AC Consumes Less Electricity?

There is an ongoing battle between inverter AC or non-inverter AC while doing shopping for an air conditioner. Earlier there was only fixed type air conditioner available in the market but with the passage of time inverter technology comes into existence. A user generally gets confused with the Inverter type technology and believe these are the air conditioner which can run on Inverter, which generally provides power back up. Many air conditioner companies working for the advancement of the Inverter air conditioner. For example, earlier, there were only inverter air conditioners but now you can select the different star ratings available in the Inverter technology. Now the question is which one is better and which air conditioner consumes less electricity. Inverter Vs Non-Inverter Air Conditioner The non Inverter air conditioner is generally known as a Fixed type air conditioner. These kinds of air conditioners run on the fixed range. That means either on zero range or full range. At