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Which is Better for Air Conditioner : Copper Coils or Aluminum Coil

 The air conditioner is the basic need nowadays to get rid of scorching summer. But do we care about the efficiency of our air conditioner when we buy it? There are multiple factors that we check before we buy an air conditioner. One of the main factors is the material of the coil of the air conditioner. You might have noticed that salesman focus on the coils of the copper and many air conditioner brands advertise that their air conditioner is 100% copper. Earlier coils of the air conditioner are made of aluminum but later we shifted to copper coils. Do you know why the air conditioner manufacturer shifted to copper coils? Let's discuss this thing more in detail in this article. Function Of Coils In Air Conditioner The refrigerant in the air conditioner has to change the state gaseous to liquid and then again to gas in the refrigeration cycle. This all process takes place In the coils and acts as a medium to transfer the heat from the inside to the outside. Therefore it is very imp

LG AC 1.5 Ton Price and Specification

 Lg is one of the most famous electrical appliances companies. Infact LG is the most selling electrical appliances company on online platforms. When it comes to air conditioning there are different types of air conditioners available online. Starting from window AC to VRF. In this article, we are going to share the feature and specifications of the LG 1.5 ton inverter split air conditioner. LG Inverter Compressor This LG split AC comes with an inverter compressor having variable speed. It can adjust the speed of the compressor depending on the heat load. Initially, the compressor runs at full speed to approach the temperature, once the temperature is approached air conditioner compressor runs at very low speed and maintains the desired temperature. Due to this feature air conditioner produce very little noise due to the low running speed of the compressor. The next advantage is power saving, inverter air conditioner more power when we compare it with the fixed type of air conditioner.