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What is the Difference Between EER and ISEER of Air Conditioner?

While buying an air conditioner or doing some research on which air conditioner is best for yourself, you must have read about the ISEER and EER of the air conditioner. In this article, we will share how ISEER and EER are connected and how you can use them to find the best air conditioner. Both terms are related to the efficiency of the air conditioner. Whenever we buy any electrical appliances, we always inquired about the efficiency of the product, how much electricity it consumes, and the power output of the same product. Full-Form of ISEER and EER ISEER stands for Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. ISEER ISEER is the efficient method of finding out the amount of heat that the air conditioner can remove from the area in a specified time with relation to how many electric units consumed by the air conditioner at the same time. All of the air conditioning companies paste a BEE sticker on their air conditioner on which they have to mention

Why Flipkart and Amazon Stopped Delivering Air Conditioners?

 Is it true that e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart stopped delivering air conditioners? Yes, it is true but there was a specific reason behind it. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many business platforms have suffered huge losses so is the e-commerce giants. At the end of March 2020 lockdown implemented in India. There was panic all around the country and daily wages worker were mostly hit. At this point, there is no option available for e-commerce companies to supply non-essential items in the country. Even after the lockdown period was over, some states were under curfew for some time so no movement is allowed unless you are going for any urgent work. In April 2021 again lockdown was imposed due to the 2nd wave of coronavirus. Lockdown was imposed in many states where corona cases were high. So Amazon and Flipkart suspended the deliveries in these areas for non-essential items. For example, they were only delivering essential and grocery items during the period of the lockdo

5 Things You Need to Check Before Buying Air Conditioner

Summers are coming and we have already started to plan to purchase air conditioners to get rid of high temperatures. There are multiple brands available in the market. Do you have doubt or confusion about which air conditioner to choose? We will share the simple steps by following them. You can easily choose the best air conditioner from the shortlisted air conditioner. We will also mention some of the best options available in the market. There are some technical terms which you needed to know before you plan to buy an air conditioner. Some of them are mentioned below: 1. Cooling Capacity Always check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner you are planning to buy. Generally we categories air conditioners as 1.0/1.5/2.0 Ton. We need to re-check the cooling capacity from the brochure or from the sales department to ensure that actually, the air conditioner is of said tonnage. Cooling capacity depends upon the area in which we are going to install the air conditioner. Technically we