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Difference Between Carrier & Midea Split Air Conditioner

Carrier and Midea have a joint venture together to cater to the needs of both brands worldwide. In India too they are manufacturing air conditioner and providing services in the name of Carrier Midea Private Limited. If you are looking to purchase Midea air conditioner then you need to contact Carrier Midea Pvt Ltd in order to get the same. Midea and Carrier are separately two brands with different specifications and features. Carrier Midea Pvt Ltd have a full range of Midea air conditioner which includes Midea Split AC Midea Cassette AC Midea Tower AC Midea Ductbale AC Midea VRF However, this company only has Carrier Split and Window AC. Other Products of Carrier is available with other company known as Carrier Airconditioning and Refrigeration Pvt Ltd. To buy other air conditioning other than Carrier Window and Split air conditioner you need to contact this firm. People generally get confused with Midea and Carrier and often end up taking bad air conditioners. You always need to chec

LG 1.5 Ton Split AC Price & Features

LG known as Lucky Goldstar. It is one of the most reputed and trusted brands in air conditioning. The technology they are using and the efficiency of the LG AC is very high-end.  LG not just only manufacturing air conditioner for residential purpose but they do have managed to capture the VRF sector. In commercial segment too they are managed to improve the sales of their brand. Cassette AC and Tower AC are well efficient and there is no price comparison with other brands in the market. As they are manufacturing in large quantities, they are able to match the demands of the customer and due to large production they are manage to set economical price for their air conditioner in the market.  In this article we are going to talk about the most selling air conditioner in the market which is - 1.5 TR 3 Star Inverter Split air conditioner. The most popular LG air conditioner is LG 1.5 Ton AC. It's totally up to you whether you want fixed type air conditioner or inverter type. In this ar

Best 5 Air Conditioner Brands In India 2021

The temperature in India is soaring at 46-48 degrees Celsius and year by year it’s increasing at an alarming rate due to many factors like Global warming, Pollution, and many more. On 26 May 2020, Churu in Rajasthan Recorded 50 degrees Celsius which is the highest temperature in the country. To fight this level of heat we really need an efficient and reliable air conditioner for ourselves. There are multiple options available on the internet, By clicking on just “Order Now” you can beat this heat. Choosing the best air conditioner is itself a difficult and daunting task in today’s time. There are multiple brands and manufacturers available online and in the retail market promising high performance and efficient running. Here is the list of top brands available in India to buy in 2021:- 1. Carrier Carrier is one of the most popular brands for AC all over the globe. Carrier is known for their ethics and values. Carriers are the inventors of modern air conditioning. They understand air co

What is Portable Air Conditioner?

With the advancement of technology, Air conditioner companies also updating the size and cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Unlike window and split AC's, the portable air conditioner is new in the Indian market and it has become the need of the customers. The portable air conditioner is a movable air conditioner that can be placed and moved in any other room you wish to. Earlier it was a fixed air conditioner which is placed in one room and it was a daunting task to dismantle the machine and install it in another room if cooling is required in some other area. This problem is resolved by the companies by manufacturing the portable air conditioner. It is very useful and easy to use at your convenience. Do portable room air conditioners really work? Yes, they really work efficiently and effectively when it comes to cooling but the airflow of the portable air conditioner is low as compared to the fixed type air conditioner. Although Portable AC is recently launched in India and

Which AC is better for the least power consumption and more cooling ?

There are a number of institutes and research centers working to obtain efficient cooling at a low cost. We often regret the moment when we receive the hefty amount of electricity bill at the end of the month and imagine if we could save a few more bucks. In this article we are going to discuss the air conditioner having the least power consumption and having more cooling but before we need to understand why our air conditioner consumes more electricity. Why does AC consume more electricity? Most of the power in the air conditioner consumed by the compressor. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner which compresses the refrigerant and plays a very important role in the refrigeration cycle. If your compressor is running throughout the day it’s directly meant that you have to pay more for electricity bills. There might be multiple reasons for it like:- Cooling Loss – Room in which air conditioner is installed in properly insulated resulting into a cooling loss. Outside tempera